Because of the high level of care provided to each patient, Evolve employs a cash pay practice.  We do not participate with insurance providers or Medicare.  Please click the “Book a Session” button above for a complimentary consultation and to explore the fee structure further.  

For a deeper understanding of why we have chosen to not take health insurance, click this article.   

We accept all major credit cards, cash, personal checks, HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) credit cards.

I get it! Funding your own health journey can sometimes be a task!

Click here (www.fdncenter.org) to explore the Foundation Center Library. This is the Foundation Center Library’s website, established since the 1950s and is the go-to source for nonprofits, museums, etc. This library specializing in nothing but grants!

There is a nominal fee for online database access or you can walk into physical branches throughout the country.  Some schools, libraries and nonprofits may subscribe and make their database access available to the public, free of charge.  Check out the find us page on their website to find access near you.

Then follow these steps:

  1. A) Subscribe to the Foundation Grants to Individuals Online Series
  2. B) Search under categories that apply to you: Area of need, profession, homemaker (there is such a category!), male/female, single parent, child, religious background, ethnic background, geographical location, etc. For example, some donors may fund people for medical coverage, who work in your profession. Or others may fund people of your ethnic background in a similar way.
  3. C) Get a doctor’s letter (Dr. Guyden will write these letters for those who have completed the initial complimentary consultation and are serious about changing their health) and then write a grant proposal.

TIPS: Teach the grantor about yourself, tell them your civic accomplishments, professional background, etc. so that they want to fund YOU. Your medical need and financial need will figure heavily into this.

If rejected, ask the grantor why.  Take notes and resubmit a revised proposal. Voila!

NOTE: Please understand that grant writing is not a guarantee of payment. It takes time, Boards may require months to review their many applications before they get back to you. Be persistent and patient.  Funding can be obtained if you have genuine need and write a convincing proposal, with ample backing by supportive letters and documentation, etc.

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