Meet Dr. Guyden

Jamie Lynn Guyden, MD is Board Certified by the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

This New Jersey native began her medical career in Houston, Texas performing electrodiagnostic evaluations to patients with upper and lower extremity nerve complaints. Her career took a drastic turn in 2010 as her personal health journey compelled her to reevaluate her professional interests.

Her then 18-year struggle with Systemic Lupus had become overwhelming and unacceptable. She sought out a holistic and integrative approach that would lead to life-changing reversal of her disease. Dr. Guyden is now healthier than ever without pharmaceutical medications or traditional medical therapies. She has now made it her life’s mission to share this knowledge with patients, family, and friends. She is a firm believer that our physical bodies are miracles and capable of self-healing when given the appropriate messages and opportunity.

Her professional interests focus on integrative and holistic health services, including nutritional balancing, bioenergetics medicine, stress management, spiritual growth and development and more. These services are geared towards both prevention and reversal of common diseases. She wholeheartedly believes that proper education, love, and guidance are the keys to successful patient outcomes.

Dr. Guyden resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, Alexander, and daughters, Aria and Jayla. She leads an active lifestyle, enjoys meditating as well as connecting with people, animals, and nature. She finds great personal fulfillment and joy as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, mentor, and friend.

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