Meet Dr. Guyden

Jamie Lynn Guyden, MD is a medical doctor who finally awakened after a thirty year slumber. 

She is a New Jersey native whose medical career began in Houston, TX immersed in the conventional medical model.  For 10+ years she believed and taught the ‘you are broken and need to fixed with biochemicals’ model of medicine.  Her career took a drastic turn in 2010 as her personal health journey compelled her to reevaluate her professional interests and ultimately re-write her story. 

Her then 18-year struggle with Systemic Lupus had become overwhelming and unacceptable.  She began to broaden her scope of understanding about her body, seeking out holistic and alternative care that would lead to life-altering physical changes to her body, heart and mind.  Dr. Guyden no longer has a relationship with Lupus, medication, disease or mainstream medical intervention as she no longer resonates at that frequency.  She has since made it her life’s passion to share what she has learned about healing and wellness with anyone who will listen.  She now knows that our physical body’s are perfect, whole miracles that possess innate wisdom and intelligence for self-healing and repair.  Her professional interests focus on bioenergetics medicine, for which she affectionately refers to as The Future of Medicine

Dr. Guyden resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, Alexander and daughters, Aria and Jayla.  She leads an active lifestyle and enjoys daily meditation as well as connecting with people, animals and nature.  She is a wayshower for healing and living in the now, finding great personal fulfillment and joy as a co-creator of her reality.   

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