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At Evolve, we approach your health using Nutritional Balancing science developed by Dr. Paul Elk. Since the development of this science in the 1970s, it has been expanded and improved upon by Dr. Lawrence Wilson. Nutritional Balancing utilizes hair mineral analysis (HMA) testing to make educated, scientific recommendations about dietary and nutritional supplementation needs, safe detoxification, and lifestyle.

By assessing biochemical and nutritional imbalances at the cellular level, we can accurately provide you with a unique program to address most physical and mental conditions, prevent new or further disease progression and remove unwanted toxins. This is done by balancing your biochemistry using nutrition- hence the term ‘Nutritional Balancing.’ The program is done in as natural a way possible, meaning we use whole foods, high-quality nutritional supplementation and holistic healing before we consider pharmaceutical medication, hormones or symptomatic remedies. At times, we may require other specialized testing including stool analysis, blood, saliva or urine testing. These will be utilized as needed and appropriately but we have found that HMA can find imbalances much faster than can be found with blood work and even before symptoms arise.

The nutritional balancing approach is NOT one-size fits all and won’t produce quick results. Remember, we are assessing and treating you at the cellular level. This will require time, patience and a firm commitment from you in order to heal permanently.

We can take the guesswork out of your healing journey by using HMA to assess your biochemistry and tailoring a Nutritional Balancing program just for you!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


Dr. Guyden will devote an entire day to assessing your individual needs with extensive medical history, taking an extremely thorough physical examination, fitness-performance testing, comprehensive blood analysis, hair mineral analysis, biomarker measurement and determination of your biological age. This information will allow Dr. Guyden to design a health, and wellness program specifically for you.

Recommendations will be individualized for you in the areas of nutrition and nutritional supplementation, targeted exercises, lifestyle modifications, and stress-management skills.

Your long-lasting success will be ensured with ongoing personal, one-on-one physician guidance, and support.

NOTE: This program is designed specifically for those individuals who are willing to commit to themselves in a way that will lead to true health and healing.  The length of time necessary to heal varies from person to person and depends on age, length and severity of current illness and disability.

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