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To embark on this process is a big one that is both exciting and scary at the same time. This process is one of dedication on your part at a level you may not particularly understand at the beginning. Getting healthy, healing your body and becoming the being you are meant to be takes a great facilitator and coach. One that has been through the change and also has the learning and fantastic desire to see the same change for the better in you. That great facilitator is Jamie Guyden. Her love of this information and her desire to affect change in your life is bigger than any other I’ve ever experienced. She will give you the knowledge you need to move forward, if you will take it. If you are expecting to pay your money and have the change automatically “poof” in to being, this is not the experience for you. If you are willing to trust and understand the information afforded to you by Jamie and her team, then you are in for a life changing event. To know Jamie is to love her. To know and love yourself is what you will receive with this experience. Do I recommend Jamie? With every pill I take, with every good for me meal I eat, with every morning I wake up without pain, with every breath of my body.

Donna Hight

I found Jamie last year in May. She was, quite literally, the answer to my prayers. That may sound to some as overly dramatic, but if you’re like me and have suffered years of unanswered health problems (or, even worse, were told it was all in your head), then you understand. The healing journey is not easy. It’s long and challenging. You have to trust that a healthier you is waiting patiently on the other side. The healing isn’t just physical, but emotional and spiritual too. You will have to face all sorts of demons and past traumas. But with an open mind and a willingness to change, healing on all levels is possible. Jamie and her “village” of healthcare practitioners are there to help and support the entire way, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of them. I still have a ways to go, but the positive changes (better digestion, better sleep, a more glowing complexion, a happier and brighter outlook — just to name a few) are remarkable and makes this road off the beaten path worth every step.


My health journey has been a long but rewarding one. I have experienced nearly all modalities along the way and have been fortunate to experience what works and what does not. What I have found is that the practitioners that have the most to offer are the ones that have themselves been struck by the conditions they treat, experienced the major shortcomings of allopathic medicine in treating those conditions, and unlocked their body’s ability to heal itself using evidence based, natural strategies.

Jamie is one of those practitioners and one of the best I have had the privilege to work with in my journey. She brings the understanding of allopathic medicine into the natural modalities which in turn provides her patients a very unique and powerful resource in their journeys. She is firm yet compassionate and will stop at nothing to ensure you have all the information you need to complete your journey.

You must realize though that this is your journey. You are the one that must make the decisions for yourself because ultimately you are the one in charge of your journey, the one that lives your journey 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each and every year. If you want to heal naturally then Jamie is the best guide but be prepared to take the leap because there are no halfway commitments.


I started working with Dr. Guyden after back-to-back intestinal surgeries in 2014, resulting in a partial resection of my ileum and the loss of 3 feet of intestine. I had no idea how traumatic and prolonged the recovery would be. Several months after surgery I was still having trouble digesting most foods, putting weight back on, and getting my strength back. I work as a personal trainer, and had definitely taken my fitness and health for granted. I assumed I would bounce back quickly like always; when that didn’t happen I was hit hard with frustration and depression.

Dr. Guyden showed me how my recovery would require a system-wide approach including emotional, spiritual, as well as physical health. The lifestyle commitments she called for were not easy, but I could just feel that it was the right thing for my recovery. Even having worked in the fitness/health field my entire career, this was the first time that I had truly prioritized my own health in a holistic way.

I committed to the plan for a year. After 9 months, I was feeling like a completely different person, much healthier even than my pre-surgery self. The lessons I learned, I continue to follow. I am convinced that no matter how many drugs you are on, you cannot achieve optimal health with a compromised lifestyle: be it food, alcohol, exercise, or stress. Dr. Guyden’s guidance, caring, and expertise gave me a clear path toward recovery, the hope to achieve it, and the support system I needed to get there. I am forever grateful to her.

Sam Ditzell

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I was regularly seeing doctors, driving to Temple, Tx to see a rheumatologist and after suffering a stroke in my legs the doctors wanted me to go through chemo. I had previously looking into holistic care and couldn’t find anyone trustworthy. I was in a lot of pain and high dosage of prednisone suffering from ra & countless side effects. God brought Jamie into my life, knowing Jamie’s story, I knew chemo was not the answer. So we met with her and decided to go take this journey with Jamie. With the support of my family and Jaime’s guidance, I stepped into a new lifestyle! Three months in to working with Jaime, I was prescription free! and pain free! a year down the road, I have never felt this good! She has been very helpful and a great friend! God bless her and her family.


I’ve been working with Jamie for almost 2 years now and I couldn’t be happier. Before starting with Jamie I had suffered from chronic back pain, I couldn’t stand for more than 10-15 minutes without being in insufferable pain. I had tried countless medications, physical therapists, chiropractors, pain patches, joint injections, epidural injections and nothing relieved the pain. I was looking at surgery without any guarantee I would have even the slightest improvement in my pain.

Working with Jamie was the best decision I have ever made. It’s been a long road but an incredible healing journey. Going through the healing reactions, both physical and emotional, can be rough at times but makes me that much more appreciative of where I am today. Through working with Jamie and her network of practitioners my back has physically restructured itself. I no longer suffer from the pain that restricted me from living my life for so long. To say I’m grateful for what Jamie has done for me and the tools she’s given me would be an understatement.

Amanda Garcia

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