Ok, so we’ve discussed what inflammation is, what it looks like when it’s out of balance and how it’s promoting your autoimmune condition.  Now, let’s dive a little deeper into what things are igniting that fire….

  1. The food we eat is the single most important source of silent inflammation for the majority of Western civilization. Processed, junk food upsets the balance of hormones and inflammatory, diminishes gut health and leaves our bodies    ripe for disease.  There, I said it!
  1. Choosing the wrong parents!  Genetic variations create tendencies to develop certain inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis.  Genetic tendencies increase the odds that a disease will develop.  However, expression of genetic variants requires certain triggers such as behaviors, stressors or environmental influences (like #1) that then lead to expression over years or decades.  So, maybe it isn’t our parents we should be blaming.
  1. Smoking and other environmental toxins promote inflammation and oxidative stress.  So, stop it!
  1. Responding to events in our life with stress raises cortisol levels and promotes imbalance.  Learning to let it go and flow will serve you well.  Check out these babies to help you train your mind to slow down and allow a new story to emerge.  Stress isn’t going anywhere, but how you respond to it is everything.
  1. Not being grounded to the earth.  In Western society, we go from one indoor activity to another, rarely interacting outside on a regular basis.  Further, when we do go outdoors, we wear shoes.  It’s interesting to note, that autoimmune diseases are predominantly found in developed countries and NOT in underdeveloped nations in which being in the dirt is normal.  This could be one huge explanation for that.  In addition,  A 2015 study showed that grounding to the earth led to reduced inflammation and pain.  This is due to (although not necessarily respected, appreciated or accepted) the earth’s abundance of electrons (negatively charged particles) that are easily absorbed into your skin.  Our physical bodies prefer a more negatively charged state to do all of the physiological and chemical activity that it does.  If you want to know more about this topic, check out Earthing by Ober, Sinatra and Zucker.  Or take my word for it, take your shoes off and walk barefoot for about 20 minutes per day- I promise you’ll notice a difference.
  1. Hormones are the primary system for controlling cellular functions, turning cell functions on and off.  Hormones are an EXTREMELY complex symphony within the body.  They are influenced by each other and every other bodily activity- we are only beginning to understand this.  Hormonal imbalance can upregulate production of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids.  Your job is to master #1 thru #5, #8 and #9 on this list and let your hormones make their own magic in an optimal environment.
  1. Chronic infections, such as periodontal disease and chronic peptic ulcers, promote chronic systemic silent inflammation.
  1. Inactivity AND overactivity creates a vicious cycle of promoting inflammation, which encourages loss of muscle strength and mass.  It’s all about balance baby!
  1. Having the wrong vibes.  Everything in the universe vibrates.  Everything! That means you too.  Understanding your energy body, how it vibrates and how to create a vibrational frequency that will allow your body to function optimally IS so important for balancing the inflammatory response and finding freedom from illness.  To understand this idea consider picking up this book.  Or just click here to set up a complimentary consult so we can discuss it.

There you have it.  You can get started NOW on the road to reversing your autoimmune condition by starting with #1 and moving through this list.  And no worries, I’ve got your back if you get stuck.

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